Wedges and Strips
Access tools has one of the largest selections of car opening wedges in the lockout market. We developed wedges to fit every possible need a car opening professional. Among our wedge collection, we created the Wedgee. The patented design Wedgee works like no other wedge. The curved shape allows quick and easy insertion, bypassing the window sash channel which blocks regular wedges. This extra depth gives you the working room you need to insert your tools in the door cavity.

Another item we are proud to manufacture and sell is the combination of the Wedgee and the strip savers. This simple yet ingenious product solves the problem many lock-out professional have to face, that is the misplacement of their strips.

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Strip Savers

 Item # SS   $4.95
Access Tools Strip Savers? are the equivalence of the wedge itself in the locksmith industry. These accessories, essentially a slippery strip of hard plastic, make the insertion and use of a wedge easier in any situation. When you place a wedge into a door, you often will cause the weather stripping to roll back, and in extreme cold or heat, even crack. This helps avoid that because the strip, which is thinner than a wedge, does not exert the pressure going in. Pack of two (two strip savers are included with your complete update or complete set).

Tough Truck Wedge

 Item # TW   $9.95
The Access Tools Truck Wedge is designed specifically for the heavy truck segment. Durable construction with a ribbed designed provides more strength than the average solid wedge. It features a flat surface with an opposing angled surface that allows for maximum space allowance when using it in a tight door, very common for semis and other similar vehicles. This wedge is sure to give you years of reliable, trouble free use.

The Wedgee With Strip Savers

 Item # WEDGEE   9.95
The Wedgee is a wedge meant to be used with our standard lockout tools. Its patented design allows the wedge to bypass many obstacles in the door. Its exclusive curve and thin bottom allows the wedge to sneak by without hitting objects in the door such as window regulators, making it easy to insert the wedge and create working room for your tools.

Car Opening Professionals often lose their Strip Savers. Access Tools designed the solution for this common problem. Now the Wedgee and Strip Savers come also in one integrated unit. Strip Savers are simple tools, but boy are they necessary. Keeping track of them is always a problem. Now with the new integrated system, professionals have the Strip Savers right where they need them with their Wedgee!

Wedge Pack

 Item # WP   $19.95
An assortment of wedges. The Access Tools Wedge Pack offers a variety of wedges for many uses. These wedges offer an in the door wedge for almost any situation. It features our patented Wedgee? wedge, which offers a tapered design for easy insertion and bypass of obstacles inside the door. Also included are our famous Strip Savers? which allow for easier insertion of the wedge into the door and helps protect the weather stripping from damage, hence the name. Also included is the heavy duty truck wedge and the classic style double and single wedge.

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