One Hand Jack Tool
The One Hand Jack and Super One Hand Jack are tools designed to aid in the insertion of the air wedge without having to use a large lumberjack wedge to slam into the door. It uses a rubber pivot (patent pending) to provide leverage to create working room to insert the air wedge.

This tool is so simple and effective that it will make you wonder how did you do your job without it all this time. The One Hand Jack and the Super One Hand Jack is made with one of the hardest industrial grade polycarbonate plastics available. The rubber pivot will make sure you do not scratch your customer?s cars as you insert the air wedge.

The One Hand Jack Tool is available in two sizes and is designed to work with the Air Jack and our Long Reach Tools. Just insert the tool between the door and the frame to create space to insert the Air Jack.

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Standard One Hand Jack Tool

 Item # OHJ   $24.95

Super One Hand Jack Tool

 Item # SOHJ   $29.95

One Hand Jack Set

 Item # OHJS4   $79.95
Includes: Shielded Quick Max Long Reach Tool, One Hand Jack Tool, Air Jack Air Wedge, Strap Tool and Carrying Case.

Super One Hand Jack Set

 Item # SOHJS4   $89.95
Includes: Super One Hand Jack, Super Air Jack Air Wedge, Strap Tool, Shielded Quick Max Long Reach Tool, Nylon Case

Super Mega Jack Set

 Item # SMJS4   $99.95
Includes: Super One Hand Jack Tool, Standard One Hand Jack Tool, Strap Tool #87, Shielded Quick Max Long Reach Tool, Super Air Wedge, Wonder Shield and Small Soft Carrying case.

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